It was time for some R&R in Dubai and we had a few relaxing days with Alan, a couple of swims in the Arabian sea at Jumeirah beach, a spot of shopping in the Mall of the Emirates where we now know our way around and we had some delicious Arabic and Turkish food. Delivered food is huge business in Dubai
and the quality and price are very good, especially if you know where to order. The daytime temperatures were between 35-38degrees and the evenings were lovely and balmy so that we could sit outside at restaurants which we couldn’t do there in Summer. The shops all had Autumn and winter gear and everyone was commenting on how much cooler it was. Well compared to 45-55degrees I suppose it was a lot cooler. We enjoyed it anyway.
The construction continues unabated there with more malls, skyscrapers, apartments and hotels. It is hard to imagine who will live in all of the dwellings once they are completed. The malls are full of tourists but many of the individual upmarket shops are void of any people and in the local area there are five supermarkets and you are lucky to see a couple of people in them..

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