We left Cortina a couple of days later through the scenic south Tirol where you could speak German or Italian to the locals as they learn both in school although they follow the German standard of schooling. We passed into Germany to go to Berchtesgaden and up to the “Eagles Nest” Hitler’s former meeting place. We had to leave the van in the carpark and buses took us up the winding roads to 1800metres and the “Kehlsteinhaus” which is now a cafe and restaurant. We had to walk through a tunnel and take the polished brass covered lift 124metres to reach the house. An hour and a half was enough to enjoy the views to Germany and Austria and have a bite to eat. We couldn’t believe how many tourists visited the site. The views from there were spectacular as were the views from the neighbouring peak in the national park which we visited in error on the way!

Salzburg was only about half an hour way through the mountains and through a five kilometre tunnel. We arrived on the 23rd June at our campsite “Panorama Stadtblick” which was a very well run family concern which had views over Salzburg and to the “Festung Hohensalzburg” which we could see in the distance. The facilities were first class and fresh Appel Strudel was made every day. A short walk through the meadows took us to the bus stop and we were in the city in fifteen minutes. We bought the “Salzburg Card” at the campsite which gave us unlimited travel on all public transport as well as for the funiculars and entrances to all the sights and museums. It was excellent value for three days at forty two euros.

We met up with our doctor friend Lena who drove us to town, showed us the clinic where she was working with natural medicines and then we walked to the “Steigl” restaurant through the historical city and the beautiful cemetery. The restaurant known for it’s beer was housed in a very large and old building which had beautiful views over the city. It was still hot and sunny and 34 degrees so we sat outside and watched the sunset while we ate our dinner. Lena then took us on a walking tour around the city and it was a lovely atmosphere with many buildings lit up across the skyline. We walked across the bridge full of padlocks. We had seen several such sights on bridges before but never as many as in Salzburg. Lena took us on a walkway cut through the mountain into a parking garage and to the other side of the city – it was well hidden and could easily be passed if one didn’t know it was there. Lena dropped us back to our van which was very kind of her. Salzburg is very easy to get around and nothing is too far away. Within a short time you can be hiking in the mountains or enjoying the lakes nearby. The city is full of museums of all kinds and there are many Mozart concerts to be found every day around town.

We had a relaxing start the next day and didn’t get into town until the afternoon. We visited Lena again and after a long walk around the city and visiting the house where Mozart was born we decided on an Italian restaurant called “Cavalli” which Lena had recommended. The food and service was excellent and we could sit in the garden until late in the evening enjoying our fish meals. The Austrian restaurants were very meat based with very few vegetarian or fish choices. We had a long walk back to the bus stop on the other side of the river and then a walk up the hill to the campsite. The buses run very regularly and are spotlessly clean and void of any graffiti

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