The Corsican language is fairly easy to understand if one speaks Italian with many words ending in u unlike the Italian endings of o or a. Most signs were in French and Corsican.
After a leisurely morning near Ajaccio we headed for Porto Vecchio another town with a large marina and the old town high up above the marina where we had a coffee and then we climbed the steep hill to explore the town which was quaint but very touristy again. We chose a campsite for the night near a beautiful bay in Rodinara. We walked down to the bay and had a paddle before returning via the road to the camp rather than a very rocky uneven path. It was again too cool to swim and with a lot of children in the campsite was enough to make the decision to move further south.
Our last port of call in Corsica was Bonifacio so we made an early start for the half hour drive to the city from Rodinara.
The citadel was a spectacular sight from the land and from the sea. We climbed up the steep slopes to the most impressive citadel we had yet come across. The cemetery had also been a recommended place to see and it was different from any cemetery we had come across with the family tombs laid out in lanes and around a large central square. We came across a local market in the citadel and bought some good bread, cheese and the delicious ox heart tomatoes.
We had another good seafood meal overlooking the marina before making our way back to the parking area and down to the port where we took the ferry across to Sardinia.
We loved the spectacular scenery and the enormous citadels in the towns and cities in Corsica however it was hard to get access to the many narrow local roads around the island. The scores of bikers we saw along the way obviously had the right idea.

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