It was a hectic eight weeks back at home in Perth. We were doing and overseeing
repairs and maintenance on the house and garden which was needed after being away for nearly four years.
We also unfortunately had an attack by termites which resulted in a costly repair.
Maurice was given a second 70th birthday celebration, we attended a friend’s wedding,a retirement party and we had a lovely break of one day up at the beach holiday town of Lancelin with friends and we hosted a couple of open house days so that we could see a lot of our friends. In our last couple of weeks we were also kindly invited out to to enjoy time with family and friends.
The weather was wonderful with only a couple of rainy days. We could go to our favourite outdoor cinema showing mainly foreign films which we always enjoyed. It was just enjoyable to sit in the deck chairs with a glass of wine amongst the Norfolk island pine trees which is part of the University of W.A. with it’s lovely architecture. We met friends in our lovely “Kings Park” to celebrate a birthday with a picnic and had a good New Year’s celebration at a restaurant and two more birthday celebrations on the 1st and 2nd January.

We also had our 24th wedding anniversary and went into town to see some of the many changes and new restaurants which had sprung up and enjoy a lovely meal in one of the new restaurants.

We were surprised at the enormous amount of appartment and office construction all over the city which seems to be continuing.

We will miss our family and friends in Perth and it was lovely to catch up with so many of them but after our two month stay we were ready to take off again for another adventure and our guest manager’s job in Pondicherry for two months. We left Perth on the 6th January for a few days in Kuala Lumpur before flying to Chennai.

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