We set off for Dublin on Friday the 2nd May and we had been lucky so far with the weather which sunny and partly cloudy but with no rain. In Dublin we stayed with Maurice’s cousin
Caroline and her husband Barney as well as the other visitors – their son Hugh, his wife and their 3 year old daughter and the next day Marcia Martin and her friend Ellen arrived from San Francisco for the week,so it was a full house.
We took the van and followed Barney and crew over the beautiful Wicklow mountains on Sunday and visited the German military cemetary in Glencree and then attempted to have a late lunch in Glendalough, however, all of Ireland was out enjoying the sunshine and the bank holiday weekend so after an attempt at one car park we instead made our way back home to a nice roast lamb dinner instead.
The weather was mostly sunny the whole time in Dublin if a little cool and we even managed to have a long lunch outside on the Monday which was a bank holiday. All of Carolines’sisters,children and their children,cousins and their children joined us so it was a lovely big family party in brilliant sunshine.
We set off for the County Mayo in the west on Tuesday so that Caroline and Barney could show us and our American Cousin where their great grandfather and brother lived and enjoy some of the West Coast’s beautiful scenery.

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